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Transforming the healthcare landscape in emerging economies

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Mission statement

Our mission is to transform the landscape of health data as we know it today, to enable and accelerate the power of big health data in serving the global community.

To make this a reality at a time of unprecedented global health challenges, we created a cost free ready to implement solution.

We have integrated the needs of patients and professionals to create an app that can easily capture, store, and transfer all health-related data, enabling remote medical supervision and real-time access to vital data to medical professionals, institutions, and governments.


Today hundreds of millions of people all over the world lack access to a basic health record, and medical professionals to adequate tools that cater for the health needs of their patients.

At a time of unprecedented global health challenges, access to secure, relevant, and reliable data has become key to optimising the delivery of healthcare and management of national and global health priorities and emergencies.

Paper records

Healthcare records in emerging economies are often poorly captured and managed, and data is not secure or transferable, leading to inefficiencies and an inability to scale up and properly manage healthcare systems.

Spiralling health costs

Billions of dollars in medical resources are ineffectively deployed or sometimes lost, and keeping track of the allocation of financial, medical, and pharmaceutical resources and their impact remains a growing challenge.

Inequitable access to healthcare

Emerging economies often lack vital healthcare to meet basic medical needs. Rapidly addressing this is critical to these populations and to safeguard global health, especially in the context of current and future pandemics.

Lack of reliable health data

Lack of access to secure and real-time local and global health data is critical to address the world’s growing needs, and the absence of sustainable and interoperable data frameworks needs to be urgently addressed.



Poor quality or incompatible data sources

No system to record patient medical data

Poor or unreliable sources of data

Incompatible data registries

Single use data

Unsecured data sources


Lack of health data management frameworks

Difficult to rapidly access or share data

Inefficient use of health data

Inefficient use of related investments

Inability to track and trace data and resources


Unsustainable costs and inequity in the access and treatment of health data

Costly health management systems make data management unaffordable or unsustainable to low-income countries rendering access to individual patient monitoring and ownership of health records inaccessible to many, further growing global inequities.

SOLUTION: IMMUNIFY.LIFE offers a complete and economically sustainable health ecosystem powered by AI and secured by blockchain. Health data is captured on a unique AI supported digital health registry offering transparent and secure access to quality compatible and interoperable data. The ecosystem is further enhanced with a game-changing incentivisation feature ensuring rapid and sustainable scalability and the ability to positively influence health behaviours and directly sponsor specific health outcomes.

Online self sovereign ID register

A simple mobile app enables direct patient data capture, and individual patient health ID. Data may be shared with health practitioners and de-identified data with the wider community, e.g. governments and global health institutions

Secure and real-time data

All data captured is secured by the blockchain ensuring immutable real-time data, easily accessible and interoperable with other data sources.

Medical data for the global community

Secure and quality data is compiled to generate BIG DATA for health, enabling all economic sectors to benefit from essential and valuable health related information.

Remote treatment & health certification

Patient health IDs and essential health data provides the basic framework to further support and promote remote healthcare. Patient IDs will also empower low-income individuals to access essential health certification.

A unique game-changing incentivisation mechanism enables rapid user adoption

100% Accessible to all patients & Health Institutions

A simple mobile enables patients and health institutions to capture and access essential health data on demand and securely.

100% Free for all patients & health institutions

The data capture technology, management, storage and access to all proprietary data is available to patients and health institutions for FREE, empowering emerging economies globally.

100% Adaptable and secure management of health data

All the data captured is compilable and the technology is interoperable with all sources of digital data in order to both build and leverage old and new data.

WHO CAN USE IT serves the entire health spectrum from the individual patient, to rural clinics, healthcare centres, governments and international health and sponsor organizations all the way to the global investors in health. Its smart heath capabilities and blockchain technology captures, secures, consolidates and makes available essential health data for all.


Available globally in both high and low-income settings, enabling everyone to own and have access to a health ID and personal health records.

Health workers

To support their needs with a strong and sustainable framework to support their work with easy access to patient data and treatment recommendations.


Global health organisations, NGOs, and all health sponsors and industry specialists requiring accurate and reliable data and impact assessment tools.


In need of a reliable and economically sustainable health strengthening frameworks on which to build accessible healthcare solutions for their country.


The platform is built to capture and store vast quantities of real-time, real-world data through the highly secure ledger of blockchain. Its ecosystem was designed with the following three core functionalities:

Incentivisation - Built in token reward system

Smart contracts send token rewards to patients and doctors who show desired behaviour.

Security - Unique secure medical identifier

Every patient can be issued with a Non Fungible Token (NFT) a one of a kind token that captures key personal medical data, like vaccination records. it can be used to generate a 100% reliable vaccination certificate.

Simplicty - Accurate real time data capture

All patient tests and treatment are captured and linked to a unique patient identifier. It can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere there is a mobile phone signal.


Our mission is to transform the landscape of health data as we know it today, to enable and accelerate the power of big health data in serving the global community.

To make this a reality at a time of unprecedented medical emergency, we created a cost free ready to implement solution.

We have integrated the needs of patients and professionals to create an app that can store, transfer and validate all health data, and even provide remote supervision to medical professionals, institutions and other patients.

Free. Simple. Adaptable. Scalable. Interoperable.