Immunify.Life is currently conducting a private round for Strategic and Institutional investors before our IDO. 

Total supply 

The total supply of IMM tokens is 300,000,000


< $700,000 USD

IMM Token - the health currency of the future.

IMM tokens are a new digital asset unique to the Immunify.Life ecosystem, which will be used to transfer value between users, health service providers and other participants.

The IMM Token is at the core of Immunify.Life’s healthcare system.

The platform itself focuses on the sale of medical data, directly from the source, as well as on philanthropic contributions to regions in need. 

The IMM token has the additional following functions within the ecosystem:

  • Fees for access to medical data.
  • Payment settlement layer.
  • Providing rewards for patients and healthcare workers (Governments and NGOs).
  • Staking upon registration for self-sovereign identity.
  • Payment for Immunify.Life saving account.
  • Acquiring NFT digital medical certificates.
  • Purchase of goods and services.
  • Proof of Business*.
  • Incentives for clinical data providers (e.g. end users) in the form of IMM tokens.
  • Incentives for Yield Farming Protocol.

Part of the economy of Immunify.Life will include incentives for clinical data providers (e.g. end users) in the form of IMM tokens.

As the Immunify.Life Blockchain will be based on the Ethereum blockchain, the intention is to pivot to a more suitable chain, Cardano, and the IMM token will deploy the ERC-20 standard. 

Every entity including charity and donor organizations, hospitals, telecommunication partners, pharmaceuticals and individual patients will have a wallet created when they join. All the individual parties will be able to access their wallets either through the Immunify.Life app or through the Immunify.Life website.

The IMM tokens will be visible and tradeable the moment they arrive in their wallets.

Access to the app and wallets will be 2FA protected and with an additional transactional level OTP (One Time Passcode) authorization requirement.

Proof of Business

Immunify.Life has a business model where when a ‘service transaction’ arises from NGO, Countries and Foundations and any other business that want to use’s services and software. The IMM token is used as a payment settlement layer where 50% of the funds received will be used to purchase IMM tokens off the market and 50% will go to for roll outs and supporting its core business.

​​Donation Protocol

Immunify.Life has a unique donation protocol to trace and certify the use of donations. It allows donors to donate IMM tokens in total transparency and to constantly monitor, comment and verify the development of each specific social project.

Immunify.Life aims to ensure that through a system of transparency and traceability, the trust of donors in the charity sector can increase, favoring donations to projects with social impact that guarantee transparency and ensure that donations actually reach those who need them. In this system, users complete the donation and use funds with smart contracts. All transactions are recorded on the Immunify.Life platform to realize traceability of funds, which increases the transparency of charities.

We divide the platform into four layers:

  1. The application service layer: Gauges a variety of applications, including account registration, post charity information, donated funds, and enquire message and provides users with the functions of the platform directly.
  2. The smart contract layer: Includes various scripts and smart contracts, plus transaction process and other details.
  3. The blockchain service layer: Implements the functions of distributed accounting of the charity platform, including package block, consensus on transaction, broadcast block and synchronizes data to a local database.
  4. The storage layer: Where we store data, including blockchain storage and local storage.
Walk through.

Donor and user of the Immunify.Life protocol - After successful login, the donor browses the charity projects based on the Immunify.Life protocol and selects the project to donate a X amount of IMM tokens. They confirm the transaction and the funds are then deposited into the project’s Immunify.Life wallet.

Charitable DeFI ARM

Immunify.Life has a unique DeFI arm where our community who are providing liquidity in Immunify.Life’s DeFI protocol will be able to delegate a percentage of their APY to one of Immunify.Life’s partnered foundations or charity. Immunify.Life’s foundation wallet will delegate 100% of APY to foundations and charities on the Immunify.Life protocol.

Charitable features:

A User is able to redirect some % of their IMMs to their charity of choice.

Implemented by: Custom IMM Router/Proxy Smart Contract.

This IMM router contracts brokers between the user and the Uniswap Smart Contracts in order to capture the ‘disbursement %’ (if any) chosen by the user to be redirected to their charity of choice.

Implemented by: Custom IMM Charities Factory Smart Contract.

This is the Factory Contract that creates the ‘children contracts’ (one per charity) that will govern the funds distribution to each charity organization.

Implemented by: Custom IMM Charity Child Smart Contract.

Each charity will have their own associated Smart Contract, which will govern the logic of how funds for this charity/programme will be managed (IMM plans to have different governance models for different charities/programmes; hence the specific logic for each type will be managed distinctly).

Staking and Yield Farming


5% of the supply is set aside for yield farming & rewards.

Yield farming features:

  1. User sends any Ethereum based crypto to the LP (Liquidity Protocol), Implemented by: Uniswap v3 Smart Contracts (Multiple contracts, one per crypto pair; based on the Uniswap industry standard contracts).
  2. User receives IMMs as the reward for facilitating the trades via their liquidity contribution  
  3. Some % of tokens are locked-up, Implemented by: custom IMM vesting Proxy Smart Contract

Staking of tokens is also required by NGOs/ Governments to access data and individual users stake to access platform features.

Public Sale IDO

These are planned for quarter 1 2022. Please join our official Telegram groups to keep up to date with announcements.

Private Sale

8.5% - Of total supply

25,500,000 IMM Tokens are available for Strategic and Institutional investors at USD $0.065.

Valued at USD $19,500,000 fully diluted market cap.

USD $1.66 M raise.


3.3% - Of total supply. 

9,000,000 IMM Tokens average price of $0.055 USD. 

Valued at USD $16,500,000 fully diluted market cap.