$IMM - the health currency of the future.

$IMM are a new digital asset unique to the Immunify.Life ecosystem, which will be used to transfer value between users, health service providers and other participants.

The underlying asset of the ecosystem is data. Simply put, the more data provided, the greater the asset base.

$IMM Utility

The $IMM has two earning functions and one transactional utility:

  • Users stake IMM to earn fees from Data Samplers who are paying for the anonymous license.  The fee rate is inversely proportional to earn which gives Users, as a collective, an effective vote on the fees. (“User Earning”)
  • Data Samplers who engage with specific users stake an amount of IMM per user for the duration of the engagement (“Engagement earning”)
  • Fees for the data license are paid in $IMM and distributed to both sets of earn in proportion to IMM staked.

Immunify.life Treasury

Uses will be able to access the $IMM via the Immunify.life Treasury. 

5% of the supply allocated to earn rewards allowing the model to pay the returns transitioning over to a full fees from data samplers model in time. 

Users to the system are incentivised with 20% of the supply of $IMM to take part in the various programs and allow the use of their de-identified information.

The platform itself focuses on the sale of medical data, directly from the source, as well as on philanthropic contributions to regions in need. 

The $IMM has the additional following functions within the ecosystem:

  • Fees for access to medical data.
  • Payment settlement layer.
  • Providing rewards for patients and healthcare workers (Governments and NGOs).
  • Earning upon registration for self-sovereign identity.
  • Payment for Immunify.Life saving account.
  • Acquiring digital medical certificates.
  • Purchase of goods and services.
  • Proof of Business*.
  • Incentives for clinical data providers (e.g. end users) in the form of $IMM.
  • Incentives for Yield Farming Protocol.
  • Part of the economy of Immunify.Life will include incentives for clinical data providers (e.g. end users) in the form of $IMM.

Every entity including charity and donor organizations, hospitals, telecommunication partners, pharmaceuticals and individual patients will have a wallet created when they join. All the individual parties will be able to access their wallets either through the Immunify.Life app or through the Immunify.Life website.

The $IMM will be visible and tradable the moment they arrive in their wallets.

Access to the app and wallets will be 2FA protected and with an additional transactional level OTP (One Time Passcode) authorization requirement.


Immunify.Life is currently conducting a private round for Strategic and Institutional investors before our IDO. 

Total supply 

The total supply of $IMM is 300,000,000


$224,110 USD (Excluding liquidity)

Proof of Business

Immunify.Life has a business model where when a ‘service transaction’ arises from NGO, Countries and Foundations and any other business that want to use Immunify.life’s services and software. The $IMM is used as a payment settlement layer where a percentage of the funds received will be used to purchase $IMM off the market and a percentage will go to Immunify.life for roll outs and supporting its core business.

Charitable DeFi

Immunify.Life has a unique Charitable decentralised arm where users in the protocol are able to donate a % of their APR to the Immunify.Life foundation wallet and support one of the Immunify.Life projects. The pools will be IMM single sided pools, deposits will be IMM and rewarded in IMM.

This will not only be on Cardano but on any other EVM compatible chain. First pools will be deployed on Ethereum, Telos, Polygon and AVAX

More to come